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Avtorstvo: Matej FISCHINGER // 1.01 Izvirni znanstveni članek
Peter FAJFAR // 1.01 Izvirni znanstveni članek
Leto: 1989
Citat: FAJFAR, Peter, VIDIC, Tomaž, FISCHINGER, Matej. Seismic demand in medium- and long-period structures. Earthquake eng. struct. dyn., 1989, vol. 18, str. 1133-1144, graf. prikazi.
Povzetek: Based on the results of an extensive parametric study of elastic and inelastic response of SDOF systems, in which the most important structural parameters were varied and ground motions of very different characteristics were taken into account, simple formulae for determining the seismic demand in SDOF systems with natural periods in the medium- and long-period range are proposed. Seismic demand is expressed in terms of the mean values of maximum relative displacements and maximum input energy. These results can be used to provide rough estimates of structural behaviour when different damage models are applied. As well as this, the proposed formulae can be used to construct design spectra of the Newmark-Hall type [COBISS.SI-ID 1036129]
Tipologija: 1.01 Izvirni znanstveni članek
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