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Avtorstvo: Tomo CEROVŠEK // 1.08 Objavljeno predavanje na znanstveni konferenci
Žiga TURK // 1.08 Objavljeno predavanje na znanstveni konferenci
Leto: 2001
Citat: TURK, Žiga, CEROVŠEK, Tomo. A prototype portal to web based collaborative engineering. V: SINGH, Amarjit (ur.). Creative systems in structural and construction engineering : proceedings of the first International structural engineering and construction conference, Honolulu, Hawaii, 24-27 January 2001. Rotterdam; Brookfield: A.A. Balkema, 2001, str. 347-352, ilustr.
Povzetek: Internet is causing the fourth big wave of introduction information technology to construction. The first Internet services for engineers provided information. Current services attempt to provide a horizontal integration platform, that brings together the virtual construction company. The next generation should use the Internet for both horizontal and vertical integration of the construction industry thus achieving computer integrated construction (CIC) which also includes the providers of software, information and communication technologies and services. The topic is researched European Union's project "Intelligent Services and Tools for Concurrent Engineering" (ISTforCE). A prototype system is under development. In the paper we present the conceptual foundation, the six layered architecture and the prototype itself. In conclusions we analyze strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the approach [COBISS.SI-ID 1256545]
Tipologija: 1.08 Objavljeno predavanje na znanstveni konferenci
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