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Avtorstvo: Peter FAJFAR // 1.01 Izvirni znanstveni članek
Vojko KILAR // 1.01 Izvirni znanstveni članek
Leto: 2001
Citat: KILAR, Vojko, FAJFAR, Peter. On the applicability of pushover analysis to the seismic performance evaluation of asymmetric buildings. European earthquake engineering, 2001, anno 25, n. 1, str. 20-31, graf. prikazi.
Povzetek: In the paper the applicability of pushover analysis to the seismic design and evaluation of asymmetric building structures is explored. Specialattention has been paid to a simplified variant of pushover analysis, which is based on the bilinear idealization of force - displacement relationships for structural macroelements. Three variants of a regular reinforced concrete frame building structure, designed according to Eurocode 8, are used as test examples. The results obtained with pushover analysis have been compared with the results of time-history analyses. Simple pushover analysis has been used to determine the BST surface and corresponding torque-displacement diagrams. It is concluded that pushover analysis is a viable approach for the seismic performance evaluation of torsionally stiff building structures. The results also demonstrate that the analysed buildings are capable of resisting ground motions which are much stronger than the design ground motion [COBISS.SI-ID 1337697]
Tipologija: 1.01 Izvirni znanstveni članek
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