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Avtorstvo: Boštjan BRANK // 1.01 Izvirni znanstveni članek
Leto: 2001
Citat: BRANK, Boštjan, IBRAHIMBEGOVIĆ, Adnan. On the relation between different parametrizations of finite rotations for shells. Eng. comput., 2001, vol. 18, n. 7, str. 950-973, ilustr.
Povzetek: In this work we present interrelations between different finite rotation parametrizations for geometrically exact classical shell models (i.e. models without drilling rotation). In these kind of models the finite rotations are unrestricted in size but constrained in the 3-d space. In the finite element approximation we use interpolation that restricts the treatment of rotations to the finite element nodes. Mutual relationships between different parametrizations are very clearly established and presented by informative commutative diagrams. The pluses and minuses of different parametrizations are discussed and the finite rotation terms arising in the linearization are given in their explicit forms [COBISS.SI-ID 1450337]
Tipologija: 1.01 Izvirni znanstveni članek
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