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Avtorstvo: Damjan MARUŠIĆ // 1.06 Objavljeno vabljeno predavanje na znanstveni konferenci
Leto: 2002
Citat: ILE, Nicolae, REYNOUARD, Jean-Marie, MAZARS, Jacky, MARUŠIĆ, Damjan. 3-D seismic behaviour of R/C walls with limited reinforcement. V: Proceedings of the fourth forum on Implications of recent earthquakes on seismic risk, (Technical report TIT/EERG, 02/1). Tokyo: Tokyo Institute of Technology, 2002, str. 131-144, graf. prikazi.
Povzetek: In this paper the attention is focused on the modelling of the seismic response of RC walls with limited reinforcing bars subjected to bi-directional excitation. A 3D non linear analysis of the seismic response of the CAMUS 2001 specimen is performed. By comparing experimental and non-linear analysis results, the accuracy of the computational tool is verified under bi-directional loading. The numerical model is then used to predict the seismic response when only one in-plane horizontal excitation is applied, or when vertical component is added to the other two horizontal components [COBISS.SI-ID 1710689]
Tipologija: 1.06 Objavljeno vabljeno predavanje na znanstveni konferenci
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