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Avtorstvo: Vojko KILAR // 1.08 Objavljeno predavanje na znanstveni konferenci
Leto: 1997
Citat: KILAR, Vojko. Simulation of behavior of tall buildings under strong horizontal loading. V: JEZERNIK, Anton (ur.), DOLŠAK, Bojan (ur.). 3rd International Conference Design to Manufacture in Modern Industry, Portorož, Slovenia, 8-9 September 1997. Design to manufacture in modern industry : proceedings. Maribor: Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, 1997, str. 301-308, graf. prikazi.
Povzetek: It is well known that a severe horizontal loading, such as earthquake excitation or a strong wind, can cause a structural damage. In this case the elastic limit of the structure is exceeded and the relations between loading and building response become nonlinear. Since the complex nonlinear analyses, such as nonlinear dynamic analysis, are not practical for every day design use, the focus of many researchers has become to find a simpler procedure to obtain the main characteristics of nonlinear structural behavior. The paper briefly describes a procedure and a computer program that enables a simple simulation of nonlinear response of a building structure subjected to horizontal loading. The capabilities of the program are presented on an illustrative example of a complex 21-story building structure subjected to strong ground motion. The example shows that the developed computer program may be appropriate for practical analysis and design of earthquake and wind resistant building structures and for evaluation of existing structures [COBISS.SI-ID 404833]
Tipologija: 1.08 Objavljeno predavanje na znanstveni konferenci
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