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Avtorstvo: Žiga TURK // 1.06 Objavljeno vabljeno predavanje na znanstveni konferenci
Leto: 1997
Citat: TURK, Žiga. Communications technologies. V: BRANDON, Peter (ur.), BETTS, Martin (ur.). The Armathwaite initiative : global construction IT futures : international meeting : [Armathwaite Hall, April 16-18, 1997]. Salford: Construct IT Centre of Excellence, cop. 1997, str. 89-95, ilustr.
Povzetek: Gradbeništvo je informacijsko intenzivna panoga in komunikacija med številnimipartnerji, ki pri gradnji sodelujejo, je zelo pomembna. V članku analiziramo vlogo komunikacij in tehnologij, ki so povezane z Internetom

Construction is an information intensive business. It is not enough to create information, but also to find and retrieve it. The recent explosion of the useof the Internet has familiarized hundreds of users with generic communication tools like email software and Web browsers. Several technologieshave been developed for the Web, which can be used or adapted to solve some of the problems of the construction industry. In this short paper we model the context of communication in the construction information processes. We analyze some key internet tools which could be put to use in a virtual office's intranet. These technologies include robots, agents, sever-push and group collaboration tools. Our experience in some of these has shown that there is trade-off between the exchange of highly structured information and the logistics of less structured data, backed by powerful search and indexing tools. The applications include a construction virtual library, which can be used for the dissemination of research results and bestpractices to SMEs and a "liberal" document management system [COBISS.SI-ID 414305]
Tipologija: 1.06 Objavljeno vabljeno predavanje na znanstveni konferenci
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