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Avtorstvo: Matej FISCHINGER // 1.06 Objavljeno vabljeno predavanje na znanstveni konferenci
Leto: 1998
Citat: FISCHINGER, Matej, DALLA VALLE, Ljuba, DROBEŽ, Jože, ŠUŠTERŠIČ, Borut, PIPENBAHER, Marjan. Using EC8 in the design of bridges in Slovenia. V: BISCH, Philippe (ur.), LABBÉ, Pierre (ur.), PECKER, Alain (ur.). Proceedings of the eleventh european conference on earthquake engineering, 6-11 September, 1998, Paris, France. Rotterdam; Brookfield: A. A. Balkema, 1998, str. [1-8].
Povzetek: Slovenia is building a new highway system. This huge project is the biggest investment in Slovenia ever, including many new bridge structures. The importance of adopting advanced standards for design of bridges in this particular time has been fully recognised. Therefore, Slovenia adopted Eurocode 8 in 1995 and was among the first countries to adopt EC8/2 in the design practice. A critical review of these practical applications and some research results are given in the paper. It is concluded that most experienced designers have been able to use EC8/2 without serious difficulties. However, several problems (i.e. the complexity of the code format, the definition of the appropriate design method, the application of some capacity design requirements, some rigorous requirements for limited ductile bridges, design displacement, still incomplete system of compatible European standards, the need for additional theoretical education, and the need for new design tools) have been identified [COBISS.SI-ID 469345]
Tipologija: 1.06 Objavljeno vabljeno predavanje na znanstveni konferenci
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