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Avtorstvo: Boštjan BRANK // 1.08 Objavljeno predavanje na znanstveni konferenci
Leto: 1993
Citat: BRANK, Boštjan, PERIĆ, Djordje, DAMJANIĆ, Frano. A nonlinear four node shell element with explicit integration and elementary rotations. V: KUSSMAUL, Karl F. (ur.). Structural mechanics in reactor technology : transactions of the 12th International conference on structural mechanics in reactor technology, Stuttgart, Germany, 15-20 August 1993. Amsterdam [etc.]: Elsevier, 1993, str. 153-158.
Povzetek: The nonlinear four node shell element, based on degenerated continuum concept is used in finite rotation shell analysis. Shell director rotation is described by elementary rotations dependant on two angles. Explicit integration through the thickness is performed, leading to the strain tensor, which includes coupling of curvature with displacements. Shell kinematics is consistently linearized. Typical benchmark tests are provided to illustrate the approach [COBISS.SI-ID 92519]
Tipologija: 1.08 Objavljeno predavanje na znanstveni konferenci
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