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Avtorstvo: Matjaž DOLŠEK // 1.08 Objavljeno predavanje na znanstveni konferenci
Peter FAJFAR // 1.08 Objavljeno predavanje na znanstveni konferenci
Leto: 2000
Citat: DOLŠEK, Matjaž, FAJFAR, Peter. On seismic behavior and mathematical modelling of infilled RC frame structures. V: 12th World conference on earthquake engineering, Auckland, New Zeland : 12WCEE 2000. Auckland: New Zeland Society for Earthquake Engineering, 2000, str. 1-8, graf. prikazi.
Povzetek: The aim of the study reported in the paper is to investigate the seismic response of infilled RC frames and its mathematical modelling. Several variants of a four-story and a three-story reinforced concrete (RC) building, tested pseudodynamically at the European Laboratory for Structural Assessment (ELSA) in Ispra, have been analysed. In addition, a shaking table test performed at ISMES on an asymmetric two-story RC building was simulated numerically. In the paper, the most important results obtained in tests and analyses are summarised and discussed. The results confirm that the influence of infills is important and that they should be included in mathematical models. It is shown that the nonlinear seismic response of RC frames with masonry infill can be adequately simulated by a combination of conventional nonlinear elements, i.e. beam elements with concentrated plasticity for beams and columns, and equivalent strut elements for infill panels. The major problem represents the determination of characteristic of equivalent struts [COBISS.SI-ID 935009]
Tipologija: 1.08 Objavljeno predavanje na znanstveni konferenci
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